Designed for capacity and best-in-class performance, the Pilatus PC-12 executive aircraft has earned a reputation for outstanding reliability and safety, making it the best selling pressurized single-engine turboprop aircraft in the world.

"Faster and farther, more capable and more comfortable."

- Aviation Week

The cabin of a Pilatus PC-12
Photography by: Pilatus

Our goal is to provide the comfort and smooth flying experience our customers expect, at a cost that they don't. The Pilatus PC-12's single engine design reduces maintenance and fuel costs by 30%-60% compared with similar aircraft.

A Pilatus PC-12 flying

Photography by: Pilatus

300 mphCruise Speed
1,700 mi.Range
40 sqft.Baggage

The combination of range, speed and capacity means that we can get our customers where they need to go, faster, and with a level of luxury and convenience not otherwise available at this price range.

"The PC-12 will do it all and do it well."

- Flying Magazine - August 2017

A Pilatus PC-12 and the Golden Gate Bridge
Photography by: Pilatus

Pilatus PC-12

  • Great combination of capacity, range, and performance
  • Spacious cabin for up to 6 8 passengers
  • Executive interior with sporty plush leather seating designed by BMW
  • Huge cargo door for oversized items & in-flight access to baggage compartment
  • Safety excellence with state-of-the-art Honeywell Primus Apex avionics
  • Short field capability to arrive closer to your destination

Luggage Capacity

  • 6 large bags
  • 6 garment bags
  • 6 laptop bags
  • plus 4 pairs of skis or 4 golf bags

Technical Specs

  • Max Cruise Speed285 KTAS
  • Max Altitude30,000 ft
  • Max Rate of Climb1,920 ft/min
  • Max Range1,845mn
  • Take-Off Distance2,602 ft

Branded Programs

Roam currently provides air transportation within the state of California, but were always looking for our next great partner. If you are interested in partnering with us, please get in touch!

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