First Officer Russel Gay

    May 11, 2018

    My name is Russ Gay and I’m currently a First Officer with Encompass Aviation.  I started flying in late 2010 and obtained my private pilot’s license and instrument rating with originally the intention of using it privately as a hobby. I have always wanted to fly, but I am currently in my 18th year as a police officer in southern California. Flying for me was a pursuit of a dream and I never believed that flying could be a profession for me because I had started it later in life.  I have never had inclination or desire to fly for a large major airline.   At the time of my application with Encompass Aviation I had only approximately 420 total hours and was mainly flying my own personal airplane after purchasing a Mooney. After the interview and application process, I was hired by Encompass in July 2017 after completing ground school, simulator training and IOE a short time later. 

    The main things that drew me to this company were the culture, the local routing and the Pilatus. I’m home after each day of work and have been successful so far in meshing my schedule with both flying and police work. I really enjoy the fact that Encompass is a smaller company where I can genuinely know the people I work with and for. The Captains have been great coaches and mentors, while the company continues to plan for further expansion. The Pilatus PC-12 is an amazing airplane to fly with tremendous capabilities and utility. With the Pilatus and the legs that we fly; there really isn’t the time for, “Are we there yet” to set in and the work days are both demanding and rewarding.  The IFR flying is busy, but very professional and engaging. I also believe that my experience here is making my private flying that much safer. The members have been nothing but great to interact with. I am currently working hard to accrue hours and experience with the hopes of someday upgrading to Captain.  I am truly blessed to have this opportunity. I am proud to have joined the Encompass Aviation team. 

    Russel Gay

    Russel Gay

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